Update 8th May 2017 – Despite two articles from the Gerlach Report claiming otherwise, OneCoin’s May 7th Macau event went ahead as planned. The original claims as reported by the Gerlach Report are covered below.

Full coverage of the “fake news” story tomorrow. /end update


Update 8th May 2017 #2 – I’ve now covered the shortcomings of Gerlach Report’s reporting, “Macau police fail to prevent OneCoin event, Gerlach Report fake news?” /end update


Once a year OneCoin management front the company’s affiliate-base and try to keep them interested in the business.

It’s not an easy task, and last year was held in London against a backdrop of broken promises (going public and lying about having already signed up hundreds of thousands of merchants).

This year’s OneCoin Global event was scheduled to take place in Macau on May 7th.

I say was, because apparently Chinese authorities have now been instructed to make sure the event does’t go ahead.

In an article published on April 27th, Germany’s Gerlach Report claim

Chief administrator Fernando Chui has now been instructed to “prohibit the planning of a OneCoin / OneLife event in Macau “.

Corresponding instructions were also given to hotels and other possible venues according to information (received).

The instruction is equivalent to a ban for the OneCoin / OneLife event.

As above, OneCoin had announced Studio City was to host the event.

Should the Global event not go ahead, it puts OneLife in somewhat of a pickle.

OneCoin have been selling affiliates €100 to €10,000 EUR tickets to the event for some time now.

Prohibition of the event would also be somewhat ironic.

Around this time last year OneCoin management had been planning to host a big event in Harbin, China. Following a crackdown by Chinese authorities and fearing arrest, the event was cancelled and a new Macau event hastily put together to replace it.

Now it seems even Macau is off-limits.

At the time of publication OneCoin are still advertising the May 7th Macau event on their events website. Stay tuned…