Plaintiffs Donald Berdeaux and Christine have filed to voluntarily dismiss the OneCoin class-action case.

In a motion filed on October 8th Berdeaux and Grablis, through her attorney, explain;

Following dismissal of all claims against Defendants Scott, Pike, Huesmann, and Bank of New York Mellon; the only remaining defendants are Defendants OneCoin Ltd.; Ruja Ignatova, Sebastian Greenwood, and Gilbert Armenta — none of whom have materially
participated in this action, and all of whom have been defaulted.

Upon information and belief, Defendant OneCoin Ltd. is a defunct entity with no attachable assets; Defendant Ignatova’s whereabouts are presently unknown; and Defendants Greenwood and Armenta are both in federal custody awaiting trial and anticipated lengthy prison sentences for their involvement in OneCoin’s operations and promotion.

Plaintiffs have concluded that the dismissal of Mark Scott, David Pike, Nicole Huesmann, and Bank of New York Mellon Corporation from this Action has rendered this litigation untenable and no longer a productive use of judicial resources, due largely to the fact that the remaining defendants all appear to be essentially judgment proof, in that it will be extremely difficult or impossible to successfully enforce a judgment against any of the remaining defendants due to their imprisonment and/or lack of recoverable assets.

The motion makes a point to note that no money has been collected in legal fees.

At time of publication a decision on the motion remains pending.


Update 13th October 2021 – The court granted voluntary dismissal on October 8th.

This brings BehindMLM’s coverage of the OneCoin New York class-action to a close.