The OneLife Earth scammers have released a new DeepFakes Ruja Ignatova video, this time targeting Chinese speakers.

The first Ruja Ignatova DeepFakes video surfaced back in July.

The video was widely mocked and failed to generate any genuine interest in the reload scam.

On or around late September, the scammers deleted the video. The new video, titled “Official statement by Dr. Ruja Ignatova. OneCoin relaunch” went alive 12 hours ago.

As opposed to begging for money, in this video the scammers are playing a longer game.

The video seems designed to build trust in the reload scam, with the inevitable “pay us” pushed down the track.

There’s also Chinese subtitles, suggesting the scammers think they’ve got a better shot duping Asian OneCoin investors.

The same DeepFakes tells in the original video are present. Namely Ignatova’s forehead and, when the actor tilts his/her head to the left (as viewed), you can see a color mismatch the right side of the face near the ear.

There’s also something funky going on with the wig. Brown hair is clearly visible off the actor’s right shoulder (again as viewed).

Whether the scammers actually launch anything remains to be seen. Based on Ignatova’s script, it appears they’re going the shitcoin swap route.

This will see the scammers launch a OneCoin DeFi shitcoin. They’ll sell it to whoever’s gullible enough to buy, leaving them to swap exchange the coin for whatever they can get.

Based on the Ignatova actor namedropping Justin Sun, it appears the OneCoin shitcoin will be launched on the TRON blockchain.

[1:01] Lots of developers are ready to cooperate. Justin Sun from China is our main strategic partner, and also he’s my friend.

That’s if they follow through. Curiously traffic to the OneLife Earth website picked up as of a few weeks ago.

Alexa reports 100% of the traffic is from the US. The scammers behind the OneLife Earth videos are believed to be from Ukraine or Russia.


Update 19th October 2021 – Following comments left calling them out, the OneLife Earth scammers have disabled video comments altogether.