More OneCoin victims have come forth in Argentina, potentially adding weight to the criminal case.

As reported by Perfil, OneCoin victims from Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos have reached out to authorities in Cordoba.

Eight local OneCoin promoters were arrested in Cordoba earlier this month, following their indictment on criminal charges.

Konstantin Ignatov, Ruja Ignatova, José Gordo and Eduardo Alejandro Taylor have also been indicted. They are now fugitives wanted by Argentinian authorities.

Following the arrests, victims from other parts of Argentina have “denounced” Onecoin representatives. Presumably this means spilling the beans on the OneCoin scammers who recruited them.

Several complaints have been added to the existing Cordoba case, in support of the original evidence provided by prosecutors.

Additionally this coming week,

it is expected that a dozen people from the province of Córdoba, who also claim to be able to prove that they are victims of cryptocurrency scams, will appear in court.

At that hearing the accused will have a chance to defend themselves. Based on how the hearing goes, a decision will be made on whether they remain in custody throughout Christmas and the New Year.

Given Eduardo Alejandro Taylor has already fled Argentina for Brazil one would hope, if releases are granted, that appropriate measures are put in place to secure future appearances.

Prosecutors believe there are hundreds of OneCoin victims scattered throughout the country. Total losses across Argentina are believed to run into the millions.


Update 29th December 2020 – As per an update from WhistleBlowerFin in the comments below (#7), Eduardo Alejandro Taylor has been arrested in Brazil.

Ariel Morasut, who appears to be a new suspect, has also been arrested in Argentina.