Convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott is facing disbarment.

According to a report from the Miami Herald, Scott has been suspended from practicing law as of last Wednesday.

The Miami Herald’s report can be verified against Scott’s Florida Bar disciplinary action page, which links to a Feb 3rd Supreme Court order.

ORDERED that this suspension shall be effective thirty days from the date of this order so that respondent can close out his practice and protect the interests of existing clients.

The order was accompanied by a petition requesting permanent disbarment, which thus far Scott has refused to sign.

Instead, Scott (right) is defending the case.

“The Bar sent me a package offering that course of action,” Scott said Thursday by phone.

“I’m not interested in that. I’m still fighting for my life in New York without any reason to give up.”

I haven’t followed a disbarment case before, but as I understand it the Supreme Court’s suspension order stands pending the outcome of the case.

As per the Supreme Court’s order;

The above matter has been referred to the Chief Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit for the appointment of a referee.

Scott was found guilty of laundering for OneCoin last November. He is scheduled to be sentenced on May 26th.

Not sure how long these disbarment hearings take but we’ll keep you updated if we hear anything.

In the meantime, anyone want to have a crack at raising a disbarment defense against a $400 million dollar money laundering conviction?

I mean honestly, on what planet does “Yes, I’m the lawyer who got caught laundering hundreds of millions of dollars for a Ponzi scheme. They let me keep practicing lulz” happen?


Update 14th March 2020 – On March 12th the Supreme Court of Florida stayed Scott’s disbarment proceedings.

Scott’s disbarment case has been stayed pending the outcome of his acquittal/new trial motion. That motion was filed in Scott’s OneCoin criminal case.


Update 31st October 2020 – Scott’s disbarment proceedings in Florida remain suspended. New York however decided to disbar Scott as of October 29th.