A letter filed with the court reveals Mark Scott’s legal team are pondering two post-conviction motions.

The motions being considered pertain to Rule 29 and Rule 33 of the Federal Rules for Criminal Procedure.

Rule 29 pertains to a Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal.

If the jury has returned a guilty verdict, the court may set aside the verdict and enter an acquittal.

This would be based on the argument that there is insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction.

Considering the mountain of evidence the DOJ has against Scott (right), good luck with that.

Rule 33 pertains to a motion requesting a new trial. This would be on grounds of newly discovered evidence or “other grounds”.

Again, seeing as the evidence against Scott seems slam dunk, not sure what wiggle room there is here.

The letter filed on December 4th requests an extension to file any such motions till January 20th, 2020.

On December 5th the letter request was granted. If any motions are filed by Scotts’ defense team, the DOJ has until February 10th to file an opposition.

Either way, it appears Scott’s sentencing won’t happen until at least mid Feb 2020. Realistically probably well into March.