Mark S. Scott, the US-based lawyer who allegedly assisted OneCoin with laundering $400 million in stolen funds, has had his $2.5 million bond signed off on and paid.

According to a September 19th filed bond agreement, Scott’s secured bond has been set at $2.5 million, $750,000 of which has been deposited as cash.

As I understand it, if Scott fails to adhere to the bond agreement, he’ll be liable for the full $2.5 million amount.

Co-signers on the bond agreement are Tony Selimi of Ohio and Edward Feenane of Florida. Their relationship to Scott is unclear.

While released under monitored home-detention, Scott

  1. is prohibited from violating federal, state or local laws;
  2. provide a urine sample and if positive, attend drug treatment;
  3. cannot possess firearms, destructive devices or “other weapons”;
  4. must cooperate in the collection of a DNA sample, if required and;
  5. must attend future court appearances

Scott’s passport has also been confiscated and he’s limited to travel between Massachusetts, the southern and eastern districts of New York and the southern district of Florida.