With twenty-four OneCoin affiliates already behind bars, Indian authorities are closing in on top Indian OneCoin affiliates.

The latest out of India is reports that the Economic Offenses Wing are “hunting” four Indian nationals and Mary Beyance and Ereena Andreva.

Beyance and Adreva are from Mauritius and Bulgaria. The EOW’s investigation revealed the pair were responsible for for coordinating the laundering of OneCoin stolen Ponzi funds out of India.

The money trail in the scam had led the police to two accounts in the name ‘Premium Payment Solution’, where Amit Kedia was the director, while Beyance and Belkinska were the signing authorities.

While one of the accounts held around ₹19 crore, another had ₹5 crore.

Investigations later revealed that Kedia had a share of just 0.1% in the money.

He had been named director because foreign investors need an Indian director as per government rules.

Authorities in Mauritius recently announced their own investigation into OneCoin, including links between Beyance and the shell company Be More Global Ltd.

Amid growing suspicion they might be on the take, authorities in Bulgaria have yet to lift a finger against OneCoin or any of its affiliates.

Meanwhile back in India, the four Indians the EOW are hunting down

have been identified as Sanjay Patel, Tejas Goswami, Amit Nimavat and Sanjay Pandey.

Look-out notices have been issued nation-wide, while authorities continue to seize assets illegally obtained with ill-gotten Ponzi gains.

Jitendra Bhardula (38) and Jitendra Dhanoria (40) were the last two arrested in May, with the police seizing luxury cars worth ₹90 lakh from them.

The police had also seized a receipt of ₹20 lakh paid to a builder as advance payment for a ₹3 crore flat, and a second one of ₹4.50 lakh paid to another builder for a ₹70 lakh flat, from Bhardula.

The EOW have assigned four Assistant Police Inspectors to coordinate a team of fifteen officers investigating OneCoin.

Despite authorities in India and Norway actively targeting OneCoin affiliates, the company has yet to publicly address the situation.