The Nancy Appeals Court has approved Frank Schneider’s extradition.

Following preliminary granting to Schneider’s extradition, he filed an appeal last July.

Schneider’s legal team argued that, if extradited to the US, Schneider would be denied “fundamental rights”.

The Nancy Appeals Court rejected this argument.

In response to Schneider’s appeal being rejected, the Luxembourg Times reports his “lawyers … will go to (a) higher court to overturn the decision”.

How long that process will take is unclear.

Quoting a local radio station, L’essentiel additionally reports that, despite being granted extradition by the Nancy Appeals Court, US authorities must still wait for final approval by the French government.

Ultimately, it is up to the French government to decide whether or not to extradite Frank Schneider.

Thus far the French government hasn’t raised any objections to Schneider’s extradition. I don’t see this changing.

Schneider (right) was released by French authorities last November, pending a decision on his appeal.

Whether he’ll now return to prison in light of the Nancy Appeals Court’s decision is unclear.

Schneider was instrumental in OneCoin’s $4 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

With political and judicial ties by way of being a former Spy Master in Luxembourg, Schneider was OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova’s right-hand man.

Schneider’s indictment in the US has yet to be made public.