After four years of literally doing nothing, BaFin are investigating a German OneCoin promoter’s website.

BaFin, Germany’s top financial regulator, announced their investigation via an April 20th notice. BaFin is investigating the operator of the website

The content of the website justifies the assumption that the operator offers unauthorized banking or financial services or payment services in Germany.

Since that announcement, OneCoin-Pfalz has been mostly scrubbed of content.

When OneCoin-Pfalz’s owner Matthias Drumm (right) was approached by German media about the site, he acted surprised and played dumb.

As reported by Business Insider on April 30th;

 Matthias D. (48) is surprised when we ask him about the investigations of the financial supervisory authority (BaFin) against his website.

Although his name stands as the person responsible for the Onecoin.Pfalz site, he emphasizes that the site was created by an acquaintance of his and should continue to operate until today.

He himself has no access to the site and has not generated any contacts for Onecoin through it.


While I can believe Drumm might not have personally set up OneCoin-Pfalz, it’s pretty obvious it’s his personal OneCoin promotion portal:

According to Matthias D. himself, he lost the 8,000 euros he had invested, which he apparently accepted approvingly – allegedly without pursuing the larger circles of Onecoin fraud.

He tells us that he doesn’t know what happened to Onecoin.

The above information was deleted from OneCoin-Pfalz after BaFin’s announcement.

As per Drumm’s personal Facebook page, he now works at Allianz insurance.

Matthias D. claims that his (OneCoin) events were not particularly successful

BaFin banned OneCoin in Germany back in April 2017.

Why the regulator is investigating what appears to be defunct promotional websites four years later is unknown.