After just under a year and a half of paying out, last month Omnia Tech advised its mining ROI scheme has collapsed.

In a Facebook post dated November 21st, Omnia Tech blamed the collapse on “the price of BTC”.

As you are aware, the price of BTC has dropped significantly. For the time being, we must pause all mining services until the market recovers.

BehindMLM reviewed Omnia Tech in August 2017. We found it to be your typical unregistered securities MLM cryptocurrency offering.

Since we published our review, it seems Omnia Tech has launched a cryptocurrency trading platform.

In a desperate bid to attract new investment, the mining collapse announcement coincides with a 25% discount on Omnia Tech’s two-year trading package investments.

Fortunately, we have our trading algorithm that is still running perfectly so we decided to create a promotion to help during the time mining isn’t a viable option for any of us.

Starting now, all trading algorithm packages of 24 weeks or more will be 25% off!

These prices will not come around again so take advantage and share this opportunity with everyone you know.

Note that no details of the trading platform are provided on the Omnia Tech website. The offering appears aimed squarely at those who’ve already lost money investing with Omnia Tech’s mining.

The lack of disclosure regarding Omnia Tech’s trading packages is a regulatory red flag. That is of course also in addition to the trading platform being Omnia Tech’s second unregistered securities offering, another regulatory red flag.

For what it’s worth, mining and trading bots are the two most popular Ponzi ruses within the MLM cryptocurrency niche.

The crypto trading scams are typically easier to spot out. They’re launched by people with no verifiable experience in cryptocurrency trading, who one day rebrand themselves as experts and promise miraculous returns.

Said returns are credited through use of a bot/algorithm/secret alien device that fell out of the sky, which no evidence thereof is ever provided.

Nor are any of these scams ever registered with securities regulators, which is the first step in ensuring they are operating legally in your area.