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OmegaPro’s 2021 Fintech awards bought at a Bollywood show?

In September 2021 OmegaPro boasted it had won ““The Best Financial Services Platform 2021” and “The Best Fintech Start-Up 2021” awards. No context was provided, other than the awards were handed out in Dubai. As a BehindMLM reader has pointed out, if you examine the backdrop, things start to fall apart.

OmegaPro trots out scam ambassador Steven Seagal

Unable to rest on the legitimacy of their fraudulent business models, Ponzi schemes often push legitimacy via association. The basic idea is you associate your scam with seemingly legitimate people or companies. This is done to detract attention away from fraud. It also presents in marketing as “but surely X wouldn’t be involved if Y [Continue reading…]

OmegaPro & OMP Money securities fraud warning by Colombia

OmegaPro and OMP Money have received a securities fraud warning from the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

OmegaPro securities fraud warning from Chile

OmegaPro has received a securities fraud warning from Chile’s Financial Market Commission.

OmegaPro loses FCA shell company license (again)

OmegaPro has lost its OMP Money shell company license with the FCA for a second time.

OmegaPro loses FCA shell company license, signs Ronaldinho

Late last year OmegaPro registered its OMP Money shell company with the FCA. Presumably following an internal investigation, the FCA has now cancelled OMP Money’s registration.

OmegaPro a “fraudulent online trading platform” in Belgium

OmegaPro has been declared a fraudulent online trading platform in Belgium. The Financial Services and Markets Authority’s May 5th warning follows ‘complaints from consumers concerning new fraudulent online trading platforms that are operating in the Belgian market.’

Crowd1, Omega Pro & IM Mastery Academy illegal in Peru

Peru’s Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and Private Pension Fund Administrators (SBS), has issued a warning against several MLM companies operating illegally in the country.

OmegaPro registers OMP Money shell company with FCA

The latest round of regulatory incompetence in the UK has seen OmegaPro register a shell company with the FCA. On its website OMP Money markets itself as;

OmegaPro added to France’s fraud blacklist

OmegaPro has been added to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers’ fraud blacklist. The AMF is France’s top financial regulator. Their blacklist features companies unauthorized to offer securities.