Nussentials came up for review recently but when I went to look up the company’s website I found it was “temporarily closed”.

That was five months ago…

As per a message from President Phil Mims (right), Nussentials closed to do its “part in the fight against COVID-19”.

To protect our staff, representatives, and customers from any possible exposure, we have made the difficult decision to close temporarily until this threat has been dealt with and supply lines can reopen.

We expect that period to be only a few months, but we will be guided by the experts on the matter.

The message is undated. A visit to Nussentials’ Facebook page however reveals a near-identical message was posted on April 15th.

There hasn’t been an post to the account since.

A comment left on the post mentions a “temporary website designed to order products”, but beyond that the company appears frozen.

Nussentials is a US-based MLM company that operated in the nutritional supplement niche.

I’m not here to critique their decision to close. Lord knows that’s enough of a politically loaded issue in the US right now.

What I am wondering is how long they can stay closed for, and hope to recover as a business.

Nussentials is the first MLM company I’ve come across that has opted for a temporary shutdown.

Founded in 2007, Nussentials has been around for a while. But without a functioning business one wonders how feasible a reopening is – more so given it’s been five months and counting.

And what would a relaunch look like? From both a corporate and distributor perspective, who’ll be left?

Anyway should Nussentials reopen up in the future I’ll revisit for a review. It’ll certainly be interesting to see whether they can pull it off.


Update 1st December 2020 – Nussentials the MLM business remains closed, but the company has resumed selling products through an “interim store”.

As we all continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, you needn’t do without the products on which you’ve come to love and depend.

Here you can access all of our available Nussentials products, as well as some exciting new products from Modern Remedy.

Keep in mind, supplies are limited due to the shortage of our preferred top quality ingredients. So stock up while you can.

Whether Nussentials will ever reopen as an MLM company remains unclear.


Update 1st June 2021 – As of March 31st, 2021, Nussentials has closed for good.