The scammers behind the failed NRGY Ponzi scheme are gearing up to launch their second shitcoin Ponzi.


(This Is About To Be The Biggest Crypto Coin Launch Of  2021 & 2022)

The marketing sounds an awful lot like NRGY’s launch, so what’s the difference this time around?

The short answer: Not much.

NRGYGO is another BSC shitcoin that took a few minutes to set up. Like NRGY it exists for no purpose other than to make Alan Friedland, Duane Noble, Chris Hawk, Vitality Dubinin, Peter Ohanyan and other early adopters rich.

That comes at the expense of everyone else who invests after them. Well, at least that’s the plan.

As we’ve seen in NRGY, if no new suckers invest the admins can’t cash out or the Ponzi scheme collapses.

NRGYGO is the same “invest and hope number goes up” Ponzi ruse. The only differentiation it has between NRGY is it’s cheaper.

NRGYGO launched on August 2nd, here’s how it’s going:

NRGY and NRGYGO are essentially a continuation of the fraud Alan Friedland started with CompCoin.

Looking to wrap up their CompCoin fraud case against Friedland (right), the CFTC recently moved for summary judgment. A decision on that motion remains pending.

US regulators have yet to move against Friedland and NRGY.


Update 8th February 2022 – NRGY as an MLM opportunity is being rebooted as BuilderDefi.