Former OneCoin promoter Ken Labine has launched an MLM company he’s calling NFPT.

Labine claims he’s been “working towards” NFPT his “whole life”. Beyond the compensation plan though, NFPT specifics are intentionally vague.

Labine uploaded an NFPT presentation to YouTube on April 15th. In the presentation Labine revealed NFPT is a pyramid scheme.

Affiliate positions within NFPT are referred to as “franchise businesses”.

Affiliates are being recruited into what is assumed to be a 10×10 matrix (Labine incorrectly asserts a 10×10 matrix only has four levels for some reason).

Presently NFPT is free to join. Labine is encouraging recruitment through a series of weekly prize draws.

Beyond that, here’s what we know…

NFPT affiliates won’t be selling anything:

NFPT recruitment marketing is primarily focused on artificial scarcity, with Canada and Nigeria appearing to be the only two countries active:

Labine represents NFPT positions are currently worthless, but if one million people join they will be worth $77,777 each:


Recruitment of NFPT affiliates will somehow generate a $10 commission:

And with nothing marketed or sold to retail customers, somehow recruiting people into NFPT is going to pay $51,852 a year:

Now if you’ve got half a brain you’re asking “how?” And this is where Labine falls short.

Labine claims he’ll only spill the beans once one million people have been recruited into NFPT.

Logic dictates that if nothing is being sold, then commission revenue has to come from NFPT affiliates. But this is at odds with Labine claiming there are “no fees”.

And so we have an MLM opportunity that doesn’t make any sense. Join for free, recruit a ton of people who also join for free and make $51,852 annually – the math aint mathing.

What does make sense though is from a regulatory standpoint, NFPT falls short of required marketing disclosures. Consumers are required to be given this information as per the FTC Act.

While Canada doesn’t have a direct FTC equivalent, I believe consumer protection is regulated by the Competition Bureau.

Ken Labine is best known in the MLM industry for being a host BehindMLM lived rent-free in for years.

While Labine deleted his BehindMLM videos after OneCoin collapsed, he never publicly addressed his role in the multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

After OneCoin, Labine had a brief stint with DagCoin. He then began pushing nutritional supplement chews through APLGO.

The last APLGO related post on Labine’s personal FaceBook account is dated January 11th, 2022.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Labine also succumbed to “living on social media” brainrot.

This culminated in Labine trying to reinvent himself as a misinformation content creator on YouTube.

Here’s how that went…

Personally I’m not seeing NFPT getting anywhere close to one million affiliates. I get the impression Labine is just building an email list through a weekly prize draw marketing incentive.

Pending any further NFPT updates though, we’ll keep you posted.