Late last year Christina Swiatek filed suit over the product Nerium AD allegedly causing “chemical burns and permanent skin damage”.

Named defendants in the lawsuit include Nerium International and Nerium Skincare.

As per a joint stipulation of dismissal filed on November 21st and a subsequent November 22nd order, Swiatek’s claims against Nerium Skincare have been dismissed.

According to the Joint Stipulation,

all claims asserted by Plaintiff against Nerium Skincare, Inc. have been resolved by a confidential settlement agreement.

Given Swiatek was seeking damages in excess of $100,000, it’s a safe bet the settlement saw money change hands.

Nerium International meanwhile continue to fight the lawsuit.

Their initial response to Swiatek’s lawsuit saw the company blame her as a consumer.

Swiatek’s contributory negligence constituted more than 50% of any and all negligence involved in this matter and therefore should be barred from recovery under Illinois law.

Such negligence or fault … was in greater proportion to the negligence or fault of Nerium, if any.

As far as I know that position hasn’t changed, with the case against Nerium International continuing to trial.

Stay tuned…


Update 26th December 2017 – Swiatek has entered into a confidential settlement with defendant Natural Technology Inc (Naturtech).

A December 14th order dismisses all claims against Natural Technology Inc. with prejudice.

As per the order, ‘all claims against other Defendants remain pending‘.

Not sure what Nerium international’s exit strategy is here, but for whatever reason they’re still holding out.


Update 25th January 2018 – Swiatek’s lawsuit against Nerium International continues.

As per a joint scheduling plan filed on January 9th, the case is tentatively expected to be ready for trial by April or May, 2019.


Update 10th June 2018 – As of April 2018 Swiatek has also settled with Nerium International.

Her lawsuit against both companies has subsequently dismissed with prejudice.