Our last update on Christina Swiatek’s lawsuit against Nerium International and Nerium Skincare detailed settlement with the latter defendant.

Nerium International were still holding out, however it appears they’ve since settled with Swiatek.

An April 3rd update on the case docket reveals a stipulation filing for Dismissal with Prejudice by Nerium International.

The same day Swiatek’s lawsuit was dismissed as requested.

There are no details of a settlement in Nerium’s filing;

Plaintiff Christina Swiatek and Defendant Nerium International, LLC, by counsel, stipulate that the above action shall be and is voluntarily dismissed with prejudice.

Swiatek initially filed suit against Nerium Skincare and Nerium International in early 2017.

In her lawsuit, Swiatek alleged Nerium AD caused “chemical burns, irritation and permanent skin damage.”

Nerium initially responded to the lawsuit by claiming Swiatek ‘assumed any risks associated with using Nerium AD‘.

One would assume money changed hands as part of both settlements. Without specifics of why Swiatek agreed to a dismissal though, we can’t say for sure.