I’m not really sure you can claim the moral high ground when you’re providing Ponzi scams with backend software.

Nevertheless, the makers of ProXScripts are calling My24HourIncome out for pirating their Ponzi script.

For those unfamiliar with the company, ProXScripts launched from India in 2012 and supply the MLM underbelly with Ponzi scripts.

Today, we have cornered the MLM script market. We love to see our clients laughing all the way to the bank with the help of our scripts.

We hold all the aces in the world of MLM, HYIP and Network Marketing scripts.

ProXScripts’ flagship product is ProXCore, through which admins can scam people via “investment plan”, matrix cycler, revenue sharing and straight line cycler Ponzi models.

Despite ProXCore costing $207, it seems Drew Burton and My 24 Hour Income felt the need to pirate a copy instead.

In an email sent out to some My 24 Hour Income affiliates, ProXScript accuse Burton of theft.



The purpose of this email is to alert you of illegal activity including a major piracy breach by Drew Burton – the owner of my24hourincome.

Drew Burton is using a pirated copy of our software. As you are aware, piracy is totally illegal and whoever indulges in piracy can face legal consequences.

We have informed Drew Burton to provide an explanation about his illegal activity. Unfortunately, we have not yet received any response from his end.

We would like to alert all the members of my24hourincome that Drew Burton is running an illegal operation.

Drew has founded my24hourincome on lies and deceit and there is much more going on than what has been publicly announced.

Drew Burton is a sweet talker and you can see the same from his videos. All this sweet talk is all fake to cheat his members. He is going to face grave repercussions for using pirated version of our software.

We have been monitoring his illegal activity and will also add all the facts on a dedicated page whereby we will reveal how he is scamming all my24hourincome. We have proofs and screenshots.

We urge all members of my24hourincome to withdraw ASAP! As this illegal shame that Drew Burton has created is about to go down.

Once again we are going to take legal steps and due to this the program will shut down eventually. We are warning you because we don’t want the members of this scammer to suffer because in the end he will give some excuse and close his program.

So people, be aware and do not trust this guy at all.

Thanks & Regards,
~ Team ProXScripts

My 24 Hour Income has also been added to a “wall of shame” on the ProXScripts website:

At the time of publication, the My 24 Hour Income website is down. Visitors to the site are shown an “under maintenance” splash page.

The official reason for the downtime is cited as server migration that started on January 9th. In a January 9th webinar, Burton claims “earnings were very low” on January 8th.

In My 24 Hour Income marketing videos Burton claims to have processed millions of dollars through My 24 Hour Income. Why he couldn’t set aside a few hundred dollars for a Ponzi script is unclear.

Also unclear is how ProXScripts managed to email My 24 Hour Income affiliates. It seems the company might have access to affiliate details, even if a company hasn’t paid for the ProXCore script.


Update 12th January 2017 –  It appears ProXScripts sent the email to their own database, which included some My 24 Hour Income affiliates. /end update


Either way, ProXScripts seem pretty pissed but whether or not they’ll be able to deliver on their promise to shut My 24 Hour Income down remains to be seen.

Most hosting companies would consider the use of pirated software in breach of their TOS, so ProXScripts reporting My 24 Hour Income to their hosting provider is one possible scenario.

My 24 Hour Income collapsed in late November was down for over a month. Surely if there was hosting problems they’d have been addressed then?

Burton reopened the site barely a week ago with heavy withdrawal restrictions. Taking it down again for a host migration so soon doesn’t make much sense.