jeunesse-logoThe controversy surrounding Jeunesse’s acquisition of Monavie continues, with recent promotional efforts suggesting Juenesse is selling affiliate ranks to Monavie distributors.

Our source for today’s story is Calvin Becerra, who credits himself as a “Monavie Presidential Black Diamond and Mynt Founder” on his website.


In a video uploaded to YouTube on May 30th, Becerra mentions a “transition on Monday night”, which would have been June 1st.

This transition would appear to be Monavie affiliates being rolled into Jeunesse.

As part of the transition, various packages are being offered that allow former Monavie affiliates to purchase ranks within Jeunesse.

Becerra tells viewers he’s going to “purchase the Founder Kit for two thousand dollars.


[00:25] Because I want to be in that Founders Club.

I want to take part in that 2% global pool of earning a founder’s check every quarter in this company.

[00:57] For any of you guys that are Founders Club people, that have ordered that Founders Kit on day 1, then basically you guys will be cut a check every single quarter, based on the size of your team and the volume your organization is doing.

Every quarter it will grow and grow and grow, and you’ll be able to collect a bigger paycheck.

According to Becerra, Juenesse are offering five thousand Founders Kits to Monavie affiliates.

[00:46] Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So you better have some fast internet connection and fast fingers to place that order.

To maintain this rank, Becerra mentions a required 60 PV a month.

PV stands for Personal Volume, being sales volume generated by an affiliate’s own purchase of product and sales to retail customers.

Continuing to market the benefits of signing up with a $2000 Founders Kit, Becerra explains

[1:50] If you order more than that, you can allocate that to go towards your future autoships when you order more in any given month.

Becerra does not mention sales to retail customers, suggesting affiliate autoship is the sole focus when it comes to monthly PV qualification within Jeunesse.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Becerra then ventures into a hard sell  – explicitly detailing Jeunesse’s offering of rank purchasing to Monavie distributors.

[2:01] What I want to talk to you guys about is what you guys wanna do on Monday at 4pm, okay?

First you gotta know which package you want to upgrade to.

If you’re buying a package, it’s only because you want to promote yourself higher in the ranks in the company to get paid overrides on your entire team.

Even more overrides then you should get right now.

Basically the company (Jeunesse) allows you, when you get started, to order a kit to promote yourself halfway up the entire ranks field to collect more money on your entire team.

What Becerra describes there is unmistakable “pay to play”, which has previously landed more than a few MLM companies in regulatory hot water.

[2:27] Usually in any company, when you start you have to earn those ranks to be able to achieve more ways to get paid.

You can buy your way into those ranks right now by just buying one of these kits.

According to Becerra, the spending of thousands of dollars by Monavie affiliates on kits will promote them to the Sapphire rank within Jeunesse.

This promotion is temporary (180 days), but devoid of any actual effort by the affiliate. All they need to do is pay Jeunesse money.

[2:51] That’s like being an Emerald or Ruby in the Monavie company or the Mynt company.

That’s a six figure income earner.

[3:25] So basically you’re able to promote yourself at the very beginning.

[3:25] When you’re at work, what does a promotion mean?

It usually means a pay raise right? You’re exited about it.

In this business it’s the same thing.

You’re able to order one of these kits on Monday and promote yourself half-way up the entire pay scale.

As if the blatant pay to play incentives being offered Monavie distributors wasn’t bad enough, turns out these affiliate kits are also commissionable.

For every Monavie distributor that is re-recruited into Jeunesse via a $2000 Founders Kit, the affiliate who recruited them is paid $220.

Should all five thousand Jeunesse Founders Kits be snatched up before a Monavie distributor decides to act, as an alternative Becerra suggests:

[4:09] If you aren’t able to get a Founders Kit, what I would advise you to do is get an Ambassador Kit no matter what.

Not the upgrade to an Ambassador Kit, the Ambassador Kit for $1999.

This generates “points” for the affiliate who does the recruiting. It also buys an affiliate the Jeunesse Sapphire rank for 180 days.

A cheaper “upgrade” for $999 is also available, should a Monavie affiliate initially buy in at a lower rank.

Note however that the Ambassador upgrade only buys an affiliate 90 days of the Sapphire rank.

Other packs available include

  • a Jumbo Pack for $799 (buys Sapphire rank for 90 days and pays a $200 recruitment commission)
  • a Supreme Pack for $499 (buys Pearl Executive rank and pays a $100 recruitment commission)

Obviously wanting his Monavie downline to purchase the packs so he can make quick bank, Becerra concludes:

[5:15] Those are the packages I suggest.

I highly advise you guys to order one of these to promote yourself higher into the income pay skill in the company.

You’re giving yourself an instant promotion at the very beginning.

Look for the packages that have Sapphire, okay?

The Founders Kit, the Ambassadors Kit… or at least the Jumbo Kit. That’s what you want to get.

You do not have to buy anything… but wouldn’t you like to get paid more for doing the same thing as the guy who didn’t order anything?

Of course you would. Promote yourself.

[5:53] I’ve never seen a company where a brand new person can get started from scratch, order a kit and instantly be promoted halfway up the pay-scale to ranks people take a year to get to.

And there’s a reason for that Calvin. It’s because pay to play schemes are universally frowned upon by US regulators.

Rank promotion in an MLM opportunity should be based on sales activity and sales activity alone.

Some of this invariably is going to be downline purchase of product, but otherwise the rest should be derived from retail sales.

In what looks to be a quick cash grab by Jeunesse, Monavie distributors are being milked for thousands of dollars.

And what’s going to happen after 90-180 days?

That of course is not addressed in Becerra’s video.

[6:03] That’s what you want to do. That’s why you order a kit.

Whether or not Becerra’s marketing efforts are indicative of Monavie affiliates pitching Jeunesse to their downlines is unclear.

As part of an established affiliate genealogy though, Becerra obviously got his talking points from somewhere (he repeatedly glances off to the side during the video), with that somewhere presumably being Becerra’s own upline.

Mind you, the rank “Royal Black Diamond” is very much in the upper tiers of Monavie’s compensation plan. It’s not like Becerra is some new low-level Monavie distributor faking it till he’s made it.

Which makes the following all the more alarming:

[7:16] Share the opportunity, not just the products.

Don’t be just a product salesman or a person that just gets customers, share the opportunity.

These are products that people want to be on the distribution end of.

Tell them they want to be on the money-making side, not just the product taking side.

Tell them how lucrative the opportunity is to be on the distribution end of this company.

I mean really, if this is how Jeunesse is being pitched to Monavie distributors now, what are the chances any of them are going to be focusing on retail sales?

In effect, Calvin Becerra’s entire [7:40] video can pretty much be summed up as follows:

Pay thousands of dollars for a kit, get paid to recruit others who do the same now and hope that in six months those you recruited are generating enough recruitment activity so get to keep your bought rank.

Failing that, you’re evidently on your own (sans your kit buy-in fees of course).