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Jeunesse selling ranks to Monavie distributors?

The controversy surrounding Jeunesse’s acquisition of Monavie continues, with recent promotional efforts suggesting Juenesse is selling affiliate ranks to Monavie distributors. Our source for today’s story is Calvin Becerra, who credits himself as a “Monavie Presidential Black Diamond and Mynt Founder” on his website. In a video uploaded to YouTube on May 30th, Becerra mentions a [Continue reading…]

MonaVie President: “Zeek Rewards probably a Ponzi”

One of the more attractive qualities of a Ponzi scheme is that for very little effort, if any at all, members can earn a substantial return on their investments. Splice this in with a MLM compensation plan and let the word spread virally through the industry and sooner or later you’re bound to attract the [Continue reading…]

Top 4 challenges in marketing a Monavie MLM business

Most MLM advertising is usually geared to new MLM startups. Companies that are either in pre-launch or have just recently launched need to get the word out there and establish brand recognition fast. This usually means they actively engage in a wide range of marketing tactics in the hope they go viral. On the other [Continue reading…]