According to recent court filings, Monat Global are blaming critics for 1000 order cancellations over the past two months.

Purported issues with Monat Global’s products typically stem from reported hair loss and rashes.

Monat Global don’t outright deny the claims, but are instead suing critics it claims are “engaged in a smear campaign designed to promote other products”.

Speaking on behalf of Monat Global and coming across as very much anti-consumer, Gene Grabowski stated;

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. By the way, there is not a constitutional right to complain about a company.

A company has a right to respond any way it wants to.

As at the time of publication, Monat Global has “responded” to complaints by filing four separate lawsuits in the past six months.

One of those lawsuits has been settled out of court, with Monat Global claiming the defendant, a former Monat Global affiliate, ‘agreed to pay them to settle its claims against her‘.

In another lawsuit Monat Global claim the plaintiff is liable for ‘1,000 order cancellations in the last two months‘.

Conversely Monat Global is also a defendant in four lawsuits, all filed within the last two months.

Two of the lawsuits allege product liability through personal injury. One has been filed under “other fraud” and the other alleges a consumer credit issue.

According to the Civil Nature of Suit Code Descriptions, “370 Other Fraud” covers

action(s) primarily based on fraud relating to personal property that cannot be classified under any other nature of suit.

The lawsuit references BBB complaints and Monat Global reviews on TrustPilot.

Personally I find it hard to believe Monat Global has received a thousand product order cancellations in two months without there being some underlying cause.

From the sounds of it these were existing product orders, which I imagine wouldn’t have been cancelled if there wasn’t an issue.

And if there is a cause, they need to focus on addressing that transparently with their affiliates and customers.

Not running around suing parties they believe are responsible for further publicizing the issue through consumer complaints.

As reported by 13 Action News, Monat Global request any consumers with a “negative reaction” to their products

speak with their Market Partner to obtain an intake form.

The consumer can also contact MONAT Customer Service.

I tried to find out what an “intake form” was but turned up nothing (anyone?).

In any case an “intake form” certainly doesn’t sound like publicly addressing what appears to be a common enough reaction to cause concern.

With multiple product related lawsuits now playing out in court, better to address the issue over having a regulator step in and shut the whole operation down no?