Mirror Trading International’s liquidators have confirmed the existence of a US investigation into Mirror Trading International.

The news follows months of inaction by South African authorities.

Heading up the US investigation are the FBI. US authorities purportedly began to look into MTI after being contacted by US victims.

As reported by Bloomberg, quoting an email statement;

The firm’s liquidators “had meetings with international law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, after being approached by them,” the grouping, made up of five trustees, said in an emailed statement on Tuesday.

“The FBI is joining forces with the liquidators of Mirror Trading International in the interest of several U.S. and local investors.”

It is the policy of US authorities to neither confirm or deny the existence of active investigations.

This unfortunately means that, until they’re ready to pull the trigger (or we get more leaks out of South Africa), we won’t know the extent of the FBI’s investigation.