many5-logoUsually when a company has a low entry point they like to promise big returns. These days with the popularity of recruitment based matrix compensation plans it’s not all that uncommon to see multiple opportunities being launched on this promise.

These plans almost universally have a joining fee of under $20 and usually promise massive commissions of $10,000 plus – of course only after you’ve been through several matrices and have had thousand(s) of new members join under you.

Today we’re going to look at an opportunity that bucks this trend. Put in $5, get out $5… sounds simple enough right?

Read on for a full review of the Many5 MLM opportunity.

The Company

Many5 appears to be operating out of Italy under the leadership of a one Mr. Massimo Falchi and this appears to be his first MLM venture.

Massimo Falchi seems to have gotten the idea for Many5 from his previous involvement in a similar $5 entry MLM, SavingFive.

On the SavingFive testimonials page, Falchi writes;

massimo falchi (mairano) :

Finalmente un multilevel che funziona! Cos’ha di diverso dagli alri?

Un supporto attivo, e uno spillover degno di tale nome (non per niente è gestito dal proprietario di Yimbux e raccomandato dal proprietario di Infinitybux nework, equesto garantisce una costante pubblicità).

Iscrivetevi, con soli $5 al mese (3,5 euro circa) vi create una piccola rendita che continuerà ad aumentare nel tempo.

English Translation:

Finally, a multilevel marketing that works! What is so different from alri?

Active support, and a spillover worthy of the name (not for nothing is operated by the owner of Yimbux and recommended by the owner of Infinitybux nework, equestrian advertising guarantees a constant).

Sign up with only $ 5 per month (3.5 euros) will create a small income that will continue to increase over time.

Previously Falchi also appears to have been involved in ‘WomVegas’, a MLM opportunity where its members

get cash for to receive Wom mobile deals + unlimited nickels as other members join after you!

Evidently getting paid nickels wasn’t enough for Falchi and he’s decided to up the stakes with his own $5 opportunity.

The Many5 Product Line

Many5 don’t have any products available at a retail level or otherwise. Like many low-cost entry MLM opportunities these days, Many5 offers members ‘unlimited’ advertising credits upon paying membership fees the company.

These advertising credits can be used on Many5’s internal advertising network to market opportunities to other members.

Many5 also apparently offer a free copy of the software, ‘Copy Buzz’. Copy Buzz from what I can tell is a tool to generate sales copy using pre-written templates.

Naturally in a day and age where search engines heavily penalize copy and pasted text (especially sales copy), this software is largely useless, unless you’re using third-party pages to drive traffic to your sales page.

And if you’ve got the energy to do that, you’ve probably got the smarts to write your own half-decent sales copy page too.

The Many5 Compensation Plan

Setting itself apart from the standard matrix based low entry cost MLM opportunities out there, Many5 operates on a single line compensation plan.

This line acts like a queue and the basic idea is that after joining Many5, you join the commission queue at the back of the line.

For every four new members that join the line, the person at the front of the queue gets a $5 commission and then goes to the back of the line.

Many5 also pay a $1 recruitment commission for each new member existing members bring into the company.

Note that Many5 state


No absolutely not!

but then also state that you don’t get paid commissions unless you ‘you accumulate references 2 or $2 no matter their position in the Line‘. References of course being new members you’ve personally recruited into the company, so I believe that unless you’ve personally recruited two new members into Many5, you aren’t eligible to earn commissions.

Joining Many5

Joining Many5 is a one time membership fee of $5.

Members can have multiple accounts but note that the recruitment commission ($1) is not paid out on these accounts.


The fact that Many5 have no products to sell and only pay recruitment commissions aside, the simplistic nature of Many5’s compensation plan is its biggest flaw.

As the company grows that single file commission queue is only going to get longer and longer, and require more and more people to get to the top.

With the commission payment only being $5, it pretty much comes down to is the effort and amount of people required for you to reach the top of queue worth your time.

If there were only 2 people in the queue and you were at the top, once 4 new members joined and you cycled back to the bottom of the queue, to earn another $5 commission you’d be looking at getting 24 new members to join the company just to get paid again.

Then you’d be looking at 120 new members joining Many5 before you got another $5.

For a flat $5 commission, it doesn’t take much before Many5 becomes a complete waste of your time. And with the company launching just a week or so ago, there’s a good chance it already is.