A few days ago BehindMLM published a review of MacroCoin.

Seemingly run by individuals involved in the ByXpress, Coins Race and MCoin scam, suffice to say our review was less than flattering.

As per the MacroCoin website, the company is run by UECB Group (click to enlarge):

Simon Karakas serves as MacroCoin’s CEO and Rok Potocnik as a “Senior Executive” (click to enlarge):

Based on analysis of MacroCoin’s business model (compensation plan), we concluded it was a combination of pyramid recruitment, Ponzi fraud and unregistered securities.

The folks over at MacroCoin aren’t to happy with that and have since threatened BehindMLM with legal action.

Earlier today I received an email from “IMP Legal Department”;

To whom it may concern,

Please remove the invalid content you have written in regards to the company called macrocoin immediately.

This company you are referring to is not our company and the affiliation in your posting is invalid and I would like to report it.

This will be your first warning to remove this content immediately or we will have to proceed further legal action.

Mcoin is not MacroCoin they are totally different companies.

Byxpress is not associated with this company in any way possible.

Furthermore, there is no MLM with MacroCoin it is not an MLM company.

Please obtain your correct information prior to posting false content on the web.

Please remove content regarding Simon Karakas and Rok Potocnik you do not have permission to use their name.

Please email once this is done you have 24 hours to remove this posting.

At first I thought this might be another MacroCoin company unhappy with our review of the altcoin scam, but then I saw the reference to Simon Karakas and Rok Potocnik.

No, these were the same scammers behind the MacroCoin I reviewed… only it looked like they were denying the patently obvious.

As to the specifics of the email, BehindMLM’s MacroCoin review never claimed MCoin and MacroCoin were the same company.

MacroCoin and UECB Group are directly referenced in a compensation plan document branded “International Marketing Program”.

The rest of the compensation plan documentation was the basis for our MacroCoin review and is clearly MLM.

I didn’t include the two MacroCoin website screenshots included at the beginning of this article or the International Marketing Program compensation plan in our MacroCoin review. Usually I don’t have to, as companies don’t typically deny information they themselves have published.

Confident that this information would prove there was nothing false about BehindMLM’s MacroCoin review, I forwarded the two screenshots and compensation plan back to IMP Legal Department.

Y’know, just incase MacroCoin wasn’t aware of its own compensation plan or who they were claiming was running the company.

I thought that’d be the end of it, as the evidence was pretty solid.

To my surprise though, IMP Legal Department ignored the evidence and doubled down on their claims;

Dear Oz,

As you can clearly see if you were competent enough to realize the content you are posting is not correct. MACROCOIN is not an MLM based company. So again I would suggest you remove the incorrect content you have posted as it is not valid.

In fact we have no issues you posting things – if they were a valid reflection of what the company is but I will have to report your site and have it shut down along with alerting GOOGLE of the posting of content without proper acceptance from the parties.

MACROCOIN is not MCOIN they are totally TWO different coins along with companies. So again OZ. I would suggest you reconsider your motive here.

If you wish to obtain a full detailed description of the MLM you wish to post about I would gladly have the parties contact you.

I ask you kindly to remove the invalid and misleading content you have posted. I have no issues making sure your site is removed off the internet along with a charge to the owner of the site.

Thank you.
Legal Department.

Huh? How is the content I’m posting, which is based on the content MacroCoin themselves published, “not correct”?

Left scratching my head (and at this point realizing I probably wasn’t dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed), I replied with the following;

Simon Karakas was involved in MCoin through Coins Race (ByXpress).

The review doesn’t state MCoin and MacroCoin are the same company. Only that Karakas is/was involved in both.

As for it not being an MLM company. Please see the attached MLM compensation plan for MacroCoin.

Kindly stop wasting my time. I have archived all of the evidence the review is based on for reference by authorities or a court of law.

IMP Legal Department’s response was brief and once again ignored the supplied evidence;

Dear Oz,

Thank you for your time. As I stated your content is false and misleading. I will proceed with this legally.

Best Regards,
Legal Team

I replied that despite having three opportunities to do so, IMP Legal Department had failed to provide any evidence to the contrary.

I wished Simon Karakas IMP Legal Department all the best and informed them I intended to publish our correspondence.

And so here we are. I don’t typically share the legal side of BehindMLM but I felt this particular example was bizarre enough to warrant a writeup.

Somewhat curiously, the IMP Legal Department sent their email not from the MacroCoin domain but from “imp.gs”.

This domain was first registered back in mid 2014 and recently updated in November of 2016.

Kepler Terra are listed as the domain owner through an address in Hong Kong. There’s no content on the domain itself.

Kepler Terra also own the domain “ocfpool.com”, which appears to coincide with MacroCoin’s OCF Shares offering. At the time of publication the OCF Pool website is nothing more than an affiliate login form.

Kepler Terra themselves have a website over at “keplerterra.com”.

Kepler Terra (KT) means one who discovers a new world and nurtures new lives.

In other words, KT as role of a business accelerator helps creative and innovative entrepreneurs from “seed” stage along to “growth” stage with its rich experience of years as well as solid abilities in financing, management, marketing, etc.

We have also launched an incubation programme as we wishes to coordinate with those innovative teams and enterprises who possibly can execute the ideas of changing the World, giving better life to global community. A new world is ready to come.

To what extent Kepler Terra is involved in MacroCoin, UECB Group or International Marketing Program is unclear.

What is clear though is someone over at MacroCoin doesn’t want anyone to know the inner workings of their little scam until they’re ready to go public.

Oh well…