A visit to Genesis Investment’s website reveals a generic fintech website. Generic marketing waffle with “algorithmic trading solutions”, you get the idea.

Oddly enough though when signing up as a Genesis Investment affiliate though, a familiar logo pops up.

MabCredit was another generic fintech website Ponzi scheme that launched sometime between 2021 and 2022.

Following regulatory fraud warnings from the NetherlandsBelgium and Australia, MabCredit collapsed earlier this month.

At the time of its collapse MabCredit rolled out a “DAPP Network” exit-scam. The ruse was onboarding accounts onto a fictional network while MabCredit’s admins finalized stealing invested funds.

Genesis Investments operates from the domain “invest-genecis.pro”, privately registered on February 7th, 2024. From this date we can ascertain MabCredit’s eventual exit-scam was planned.

Genesis Investment’s Ponzi ruse offered is more of the same, passive returns offered through vague representations of bot trading. Oh and 75% of generated returns must be reinvested.

On the MLM side of things we have Genesis Investment’s paying referral commissions down three levels of recruitment:

At the time of its collapse, the majority of MabCredit website traffic originated from Canada (46%), the Netherlands (41%) and Denmark (13%).

So far it seems only Dutch victims have migrated to Genesis Investment. SimilarWeb tracked 100% of Genesis Investment’s website traffic from the Netherlands for May 2024.

This was the month MabCredit collapsed though. If you want a more accurate picture of where the suckers getting double scammed are from, look up Genesis Investment’s stats on SimilarWeb next month.

In any event, as MabCredit’s victims have learned, MLM Ponzi schemes collapse without notice. Reboot scams don’t last as long as their predecessors, so expect Genesis Investment to abruptly collapse over the next few weeks/months.