The Norwegian Gaming Board has reported Lyoness to local police.

The regulator suspects Lyoness, who also operates at Lyconet and Cashback World, has committed “criminal offenses” across the country.

As per a November 19th press-release, the Gaming Board advises Lyoness has been reported to public prosecutors.

The Gaming Board’s report includes their investigation into Lyoness’ business operations in Norway.

Public prosecutors will now decide whether or not to bring criminal charges against the company.

The Gaming Board claims they have reported Lyoness to the police because

many Norwegians are or have been involved in or affected by (Lyoness’ business) activities, and we still receive questions about the activities.

The Norwegian Gaming Board’s regulation of Lyoness dates back to 2013.

As per the Gaming Board’s investigation, Lyoness’ business model is that of a pyramid scheme.

Following two failed appeals, Lyoness was permanently banned in Norway earlier this year.


Update 1st May 2020 – Citing a lack of resources, the Oslo Police department have announced they won’t be pursuing a case against Lyoness.