Level One Network went into prelaunch in late February 2013 and is headed up by CEO Dan Miller.

No contact details for Level One Network are provided on their website, however the company’s domain registration provides a Minnesota based address in the US.

On official Level One webinars, in which he claims to have been ‘involved in online marketing for over a decade‘, Miller also credits himself as being the CEO of “Click Marketing Inc”:


Click Marketing Inc. appears to Miller’s parent company from which he launches other companies from.

Prior to Level One Network Miller launched Lead Net Pro in October of 2010, with the opportunity still being active today.

Lead Net Pro is a $300 “harvesting and extraction” tool that scrapes the internet for “names, addresses, emails, phone numbers 365 days a year, 24 hour a day”.

Once this information is scraped, Lead Net Pro then allows affiliates to mass mail owners of the harvested information.

A “phone broadcasting service” is also included, allowing Lead Net Pro affiliates to harass call up owners of the harvested information and market to them.

Affiliates in Lead Net Pro are paid 100% ($300) commissions upon recruitment of new affiliates into the company.

Read on for a full review of the Level One Network MLM business opportunity.

The Level One Network Product Line

Level One Network’s flagship product is $29 a month blogging platform, powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source blogging platform developed by the WordPress Foundation.

Level One Network also sell various marketing tools to their affiliates:

  • SEO Pro Direct ($99) creates something called “gateway pages” in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings. Level One Network claims that by using their SEO Pro Direct software, that ‘page one ranks can be easily accomplished‘.
  • PDF Pro Express ($199) can be used by affiliates to create PDF files.
  • Master Training Series ($599) is ‘an in-depth training course teaching you advanced techniques to maximize any affiliate program’.

The Level One Network Compensation Plan

The Level One Network compensation plan is similar to that of Lead Net Pro, in that affiliates pass up 100% commission sales to their uplines as well as receiving 100% commissions from their downlines.

Using the Level One Blogging Network as an example, once an affiliate joins the company they pay 100% of their fee to use the blogging network to their upline.

Then, as an affiliate of the company, they earn a 100% commission from the first affiliate they recruit who buys into the blogging system (a mandatory purchase).

The second sale they make is 100% passed to their upline, with every 5th sale (counting from the first original sale, not the second “qualifying” sale) then passed up their upline.

The commissions paid on the other product tiers operate in exactly the same manner, with each affiliate being required to make two sales of each product in order to qualify for future commissions on any newly recruited members.

Note that only access to the blogging platform is a mandatory purchase with the other products being optional.

Joining Level One Network

Membership to Level One Network is $19.95 a month, with a mandatory purchase of Level One Network’s Blogging Platform ($29 a month).

With Level One Network automatic affiliation is integrated with our system. This means to become an affiliate, you must have an active blog within our network.

Level One Network state that the purchase of blogging platform and payment of monthly membership fees is required keep an affiliate’s account “active”.


In researching Level One Network I was surprised to see them referring to their blogging network as “Level One Network’s proprietary blogging system”.

Although not mentioned anywhere on the company’s website, Level One Network is powered by WordPress. Here’s a screenshot showing Dan Miller initially installed WordPress on the Level One Network server in November 2012:


I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure neither Dan Miller or Click Marketing own the WordPress Foundation. How they can then claim their blogging platform is proprietary, I have no idea.

With blogging networks (both free and paid) a dime a dozen these days, Level One Network attempt to differentiate themselves by showcasing affiliate’s blogs on their main website.

Everytime a Level One Network writes a blog post, an excerpt is placed on the main Level One Network website. A basic feature of WordPress, why this is a marketing point I also have no idea.

Additionally anyone with half a brain should see the lack of value this feature will have as more affiliates join the company. With just a thousand affiliates blogging daily, chances of your post being seen on the main Level One Network homepage is pretty much non-existent.

And if it does pop up, with that level of post excerpts being published on the main page daily, you’ll be lucky to see it up there for barely a minute (and that’s being generous) before it’s lost in the constant stream of new articles being published and indexed.

Longevity wise I’d also be a bit concerned about that level of new content being published daily on the main page swiftly attracting a “content farm” status by Google and other search engines.

A content farm in its simplest form is basically a bunch of unrelated articles on a single domain primarily written for search engines as opposed to actual human readers.

Taken directly from the Level One Network website,

Level One Network is specifically designed so that marketers in any industry are be able to build a powerful online presence for their marketing efforts through a powerful network that was distinctively created for search engines.

Google began to heavily penalize content farms in their search rankings over a year ago.

As with the other MLM blogging networks out there, Level One Network also heavily push the purported SEO benefit of blogging on their website. And what with a $99 SEO product of their own available, you’d want to hope they have somewhat of a basic grasp on the concept of SEO.

Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case.

On their “Opportunity” page, In browsing the Level One Network claim that

 Every time you publish content though our network, you immediately receive main page exposure on our website’s main page allowing it to be indexed quickly by search engines.

the entire network is able to enforce page rankings as a whole with search engines, meaning your marketing efforts can receive higher page rankings very easily with our system.

Pagerank is a pretty basic fundamental in SEO (with diminished relevance over the years), and the above claims are sheer nonsense. Individual pages on a domain are assigned their own individual pagerank.

Domain authority is a small part of the algorithm but the pagerank of Bob’s Level One Network blog article on red buttons is going to have a negligible effect on my own  Level One Blog articles.

And on the topic of SEO, as the above image showing Dan Miller installing WordPress on the Level One Network domain shows, content first started appearing on the domain back in November 2012.

Five months later and Level One Network can’t even rank first for their own company name:


And these are the guys who expect people to pay them $99 for SEO services?!

Good luck with that. Especially when, for all the SEO orientated marketing that exists on the Level One Network website, just 3.8% of the site’s traffic comes from search engines (Alexa 30 day snapshot).

One could argue that this figure will improve over time but with Empower Network sitting at just 5.5% and being just under a year and a half old, that seems highly unlikely.

The purported SEO benefits of MLM blogging networks are a myth, with a consistent 90%+ of the traffic being the direct marketing efforts of the company’s affiliates marketing the income opportunity itself.

Compensation plan wise things aren’t much better. Again, as with the other 100% commission offering MLM blog networks out there (Empower Network and the recently launched Pure Leverage being the most prominent), Level One Network effectively functions as a cash gifting scheme.

You join the company, gift 100% of your access fee to a product the company can’t sell because it doesn’t own (you pay for access), and then you earn by recruiting new affiliates into the company.

Whether you use the blog service or not is irrelevant to your commissions, you are paid to recruit new affiliates. And once recruited, these affiliates gift 100% of their fees to you each month.

Furthermore in making the blog platform a mandatory purchase and requiring affiliates to pay a separate monthly fee just to access it, there is no retail offering in Level One Network.

What your left with is a free blogging platform powered by a third-party company, affiliates directly paying those that recruited them each month and via the pass up system, one in every 5 payments company wide trickling up to the top of an effective gifting scheme.

Who is at the top of the scheme I’m not certain but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it was Dan Miller himself (for reference, co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe sit at the top of Empower Network’s gifting scheme).

With the abundance of red flags present, affiliate membership with Level One Network is definitely not something to be taken lightly.