The Central Bank of Russia is not impressed with the size of KOK Play’s Ponzi package.

Looking to deflate Russian citizens’ excitement, the Central Bank has slipped a warning over the shaft of KOK Play’s KOK… token scheme.

The Central Bank’s September 9th warning states that KOK Play shows “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

KOK Play affiliates invest in KOK tokens, on the expectation of an advertised 200% happy ending.

The Central Bank asserts KOK Play is opening up potential victims nationally through the website “”.

Attempts to visit the domain reveal access has since been aborted.

As per BehindMLM’s recently published KOK Play review, the Ponzi scheme is being pumped hard by “KOK CEO” Jiwon Kang.

Kwang and his co-stars are exporting KOK Play from South Korea globally.

Whether the Central Bank is able to penetrate Russian promotion of KOK Play remains to be seen.

Math guarantees that the majority of a Ponzi payload is received by admins and early adopters.

Remaining investors squabble over leftover dribbles, the majority of whom eventually feel used and unfulfilled.