Isagenix has voluntarily withdrawn its US lawsuit against Modere.

The company states it will now commence proceedings in Australia.

In an internal message sent out to high-ranking Isagenix distributors, the company wrote;

it appears our legal measures in the United States have been heard loudly, clearly, and, most importantly, have been effective for the time being.

Now that our message has been received loud and clear—after our numerous requests, pleas, and finally legal action—we have strategically decided to voluntarily withdraw our U.S. case and focus our full legal attention in Australia.

To that end, today Isagenix will be commencing legal proceedings in Australia in our ongoing case against individuals in Australia we believe continue to raid and prey upon the businesses of their formerly fellow Isagenix Associates in violation of the contractual obligations they owe to Isagenix and, we believe with irresponsible earnings and product claims.

Isagenix doesn’t name any individuals they’ll be pursuing in Australia. Nor does the company confirm they will be targeting Australian based Modere distributors.

In response to Isagenix’s withdrawal, Modere stated;

Isagenix has chosen to drop the lawsuit of its own accord.

Neither Modere or its social marketers have agreed to any settlement with Isagenix or to any restriction on their ability to conduct business or freely compete.

Despite having filed the lawsuit more than three months ago, Isagenix did not follow with subsequent procedures necessary to prosecute the case.

In fact, it did not even serve the lawsuit upon Modere or any of its social marketers, which is the first step required to move a lawsuit forward.

Modere believes the lawsuit was an improper and unfortunate attempt by Isagenix to distract its salesforce from Isagenix’s widely publicized difficulties and declining performance.

Isagenix filed suit against Modere back in February. The lawsuit alleged raiding, with a focus on former Australian distributors Heidi and Lal MacAllan.