Isagenix has revealed a lawsuit filed against Modere and a group of its distributors.

Unfortunately we don’t have access to any court documents (yet?), so what follows is from Isagenix itself.

Isagenix disclosed the lawsuit via a recent communication to its distributors.

The company accuses Modere of engaging in “unethical behavior” and “illegally recruiting Isagenix associates”.

Never seen MLM cross-recruitment as being illegal per say. Plenty of civil lawsuits are filed alleging breach of distributor contracts, but that’s typically as far as it goes.

Nevertheless, Isagenix claims recruitment of its associates into Modere was based on “untrue statements, exaggerated claims, and much more”.

Those recruited then allegedly spread “incorrect and false information” about Isagenix on social media.

I’m guessing this is taking place on Facebook (maybe Instagram too?). I went looking on YouTube and nothing recent came up.

Isagenix claims that even up until February 14th (last Friday), “the attacks continue”.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, Isagenix claims it attempted

to work with Modere and former Associates who have been attacking us over the last several months.

We have requested politely, but insistently, and repeatedly that they put a stop to this inappropriate recruiting behavior on social media and in person.

Those efforts purportedly went nowhere, prompting Isagenix to file a lawsuit in Phoenix, Arizona.

In light of the lawsuit, Isagenix has pleaded with its distributors to not discuss the lawsuit publicly.

We would ask that you refrain from getting into debates on social media about this matter with Modere or their behavior. Nothing good will come from it.

Not a fan of gag orders, so naturally I’d encourage anyone in Isagenix who can shed some light on what’s being going on to do so.

The communication closes out by suggesting a copy of the lawsuit has been made available to Isagenix distributors.

We also want to make sure you are armed with the right answers and an appropriate response should you get questions from customers, friends or fellow-Associates on social media or in person.

We have a Frequently Asked Questions resource for you to utilize should questions arise in person and includes a short social media response for you to use only if a post should be made on one of your personal or business social media pages. It directly links to the lawsuit posted on the Isagenix website.

Unless I’m missing something, I couldn’t find any mention of the Modere lawsuit on Isagenix’s website.

I ran a Google search on the domain and no new pages came up for the past week. That’s not definitive but if Isagenix distributors are being given a response that links to the lawsuit, that should be available to the public?

BusinessForHome has a response from Modere up. “Team BusinessForHome” claims it’s a press-release but I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Not going to link to it for that reason, as well as owner Ted Nuyten failing to disclose whether or not Modere is a paid client.

Pending Isagenix’s lawsuit making its way into my hands, stay tuned for full analysis.


Update 22nd February 2020 – Having obtained a copy of Isagenix’s complaint, we’ve now published full details.