The SEC v. iPro Network trial was rescheduled for a fifth time back in March. A the time a November 9th trial date was set.

A new filing from the SEC has resulted in a sixth delay, pushing the trial back to 2022.

In requesting the sixth trial delay, reasons cited by the SEC include:

  1. COVID-19 complications impacting witness preparation;
  2. pending decisions on filed motions for summary judgment; and
  3. various minor scheduling issues pertaining to both parties’ attorneys.

Taking all of these concerns into consideration, on September 14th the SEC requested a new March 23rd, 2022 trial date.

On September 15th the court granted the request, rescheduling the November trial.

With respect to the summary judgment filings, the SEC filed a motion for partial summary judgment on July 19th.

Defendant Daniel Pacheco (right), filed his own motion for summary judgment later that same day.

A hearing on the motions was held on September 9th, resulting the court taking the matter under submission.

A decision on both summary judgment motions remains pending.