Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been sentenced to six years in prison for tax fraud.

Spanning five counts of tax evasion, Cammarata (right) was indicted in 2022 for allegedly withholding $15.5 million from the IRS.

Cammarata pled not guilty to the charges but was found guilty last November.

On the first four counts of tax fraud Cammarata was sentenced to 60 months. On the fifth count Cammarata received an additional 12 month consecutive sentence.

$6 million in restitution and a $120,000 fine was also part of Cammarata’s May 14th judgment.

Post-judgment motions filed by Cammarata, seeking to set aside his judgment and/or dismiss the judgment were denied prior to sentencing.

Cammarata’s tax fraud charges relate to Alpha Plus Recovery, an entity Cammarata and his accomplices engaged in recovery scamming through.

Separately in June 2023, Cammarata was sentenced to ten years in prison in parallel Alpha Plus Recovery criminal proceedings.

Alpha Plus Recovery civil proceedings were also initiated against Cammarata by the SEC. In January 2024 a $50.4 million civil Final Judgment was entered against Cammarata.