Tired of programs that doesn’t work or admins that hide their true identity?

Tired of programs that are here today and gone tomorrow?

Tired of programs that is setup by amateurs on technology that can not handle the traffic?

Tired of programs that just doesn’t deliver on your expectations?

InstantCashMatrix asks you a lot of questions before you sign up with the idea of course being that the company itself is none of these things.

Apart from the bit about the admin hiding their identity, too bad InstantCashMatrix doesn’t deliver on any of thes questions it asks.

Read on for a full review of the InstantCashMatrix MLM opportunity.

The Company

Unlike most matrix problems, InstantCashMatrix are upfront about ownership of the company with the admin being Rune Fjortoft (photo right) operating out of Norway.

Fjortoft describes himself as an ‘International Top Marketer’ but as far as I can see, all he’s done is push various affiliate programs and dubious MLM opportunities such as Traffic Buddha, Just Been Paid and FastCashLevels.

Fjortoft runs the website where you can see his marketing efforts to push the above programs. It appears this wasn’t working out for him so he’s decided to try to launch his own company with InstantCashMatrix.

The InstantCashMatrix Product Line

InstantCashMatrix describe their product line as ‘a total promotion and marketing powerhouse’. The reality however is that it’s yet another dime a dozen internal advertising network.

There is no products available for purchase  through InstantCashMatrix at a retail level. Instead, upon joining the company members are provided with the opportunity to submit three text and three banner advertisements.

These ads then rotate within the InstantCashMatrix internal advertising network shown to other members.

The InstantCashMatrix Compensation Plan

InstantCashMatrix utilise a 3×7 forced matrix which holds positions for up to 3,279 members.

With you at the top, as you begin to fill up your InstantCashMatrix matrix it will start to look something like this;

Each position on the matrix branches out into three additional levels and this structure continues down seven levels deep.

InstantCashMatrix are a little coy about the exact payout structure of their of their matrix unless you sign up with the company, but they do mention they pay $21 on the first level and ‘up to $7671 monthly‘.

The first level of the InstantCashMatrix matrix hold 3 members so we can surmise that the company pays out $7 a month on each of these positions.

Paying out $7671 on the rest of the matrix leaves $7651 and with 3,276 members after the first level are subtracted, this averages out to a commission of $2.33 a member per month.

Note that due to the first level of commissions being well above this figure, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the rest of InstantCashMatrix’s commission payouts are not linear. That is to say different levels of the matrix will pay out different commissions for each member position filled.

Joining InstantCashMatrix

Joining InstantCashMatrix requires a membership payment of $19.

This $19 is payable every month in order to participate in InstantCashMatrix and earn commissions off your matrix.


InstantCashMatrix has no products available on a retail level for members to market and pays out commissions using the membership and monthly subscription fees of others.

In other words it’s a blatant pyramid scheme that simply shuffles money around between its members.

Ironically over at, Fjortoft writes

I just heard that another so called hot program just turned out to be a scam.

Everything can be bought and it’s just to easy to set up a program these days.

Maybe you have lost money to scammers as well ?

I certainly have had my dreams crushed and money lost many times.

It’s just getting worse and worse and it’s more and more difficult to know which opportunities are the real deal and which that is just people out to take your money.

Some are not intentionally out to take your money, but just incapable of running a program the right way. These are the amateurs posing as professionals.

I can feel your frustration right now. You want to make money but does not know where to turn.

Let me give you some advice.

Whatever his advice, it appears Fjortoft himself didn’t take it and instead decided to start up his own recruitment based scam with InstantCashMatrix.

You probably want to stay well clear of this one folks.