ImpulsX is trying to pump its IPX Ponzi token by funneling investors into MetFI.

Well, at least that’s the pitch. On the backend it’s a quick payday for ImpulsX’s founders.

As per an update sent out on July 18th, ImpulsX advised investors;

As we’re looking for ways to boost the price of IPX … we came across a very special project called MetFI which makes use of NFT’s [sic], Web3 and the Metaverse. It also has an affiliate program attached to it.

ImpulsX decided to be an affiliate at MetFi in order to generate profits which will be 100% used to open up new markets for IPX and for buyback of the IPX token.

By doing so the price of the token must go up, which in return will benefit all IPX holders.

So what we are asking from you as an ImpulsX and IPX community member is to watch this short explanation video and … we will then inform you on how to proceed with the process.

Like we said the ImpulsX position will be completely transparent and you will be able to see the earnings on the blockchain and in the program itself.

All earnings will be used to boost the price and adaptation of IPX so all IPX holders will profit.

ImpulsX is a Ponzi scheme launched by Darren Bradbury and Mark Verdellen in early 2021.

Verdellen has since gone on to play CFO over at the Elevate Pass Ponzi scheme.

MetFI is an crypto Ponzi scheme run by persons unknown. MetFi pitches a 1000% a year ROI through NFT investment.

There’s an InpulsX IPX token but I wasn’t able to ascertain ImpulsX’s IPX token value. I presume it’s in the toilet though if they’re pushing victims into other Ponzi schemes.

Based on SimilarWeb stats, recruitment of ImpulsX investors in the US appears to have collapsed. Recruitment in Italy has picked up, likely keeping the Ponzi scheme afloat.

Math is math though. While funnelling victims into MetFi might put off the inevitable, withdrawal pressure on IPX is only going to increase over time.

To be absolutely clear, this is only ONE way to try to make the price of IPX go up. More to come!

Presumably once recruitment into MetFi slows down, Bradbury will start funnelling the ImpulsX investors into other Ponzi schemes.