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FTC to return $200 million to 350,000 Herbalife victims

As part of the “we’re not a pyramid scheme, *winkwinknudgenudge*” settlement Herbalife reached with the FTC last year, $200 million will be returned to 350,000 Herbalife victims.

FTC seeking applications for Herbalife compliance auditor

As part of the settlement agreement between the FTC and Herbalife, an Independent Compliance Auditor (ICA) will be appointed to oversee Herbalife’s adherent to the agreement. As per a press-release issued on August 9th, the FTC are now seeking applications for the position.

FTC describes Herbalife as a pyramid scheme, refuses to label

Accompanying the FTC’s settlement announcement with Herbalife today was a press-conference held by Chairwoman Edith Ramirez. Ramirez opened the press-conference by reading from a prepared statement for about seven minutes. Despite clearly describing Herbalife’s business model as that of a pyramid scheme, the actual words “pyramid scheme” were noticeably absent from Ramirez’s statement. After Ramirez’s [Continue reading…]

14 key points from the FTC’s Herbalife complaint (and conclusion)

Since the FTC’s announcement earlier today confirming Herbalife was operating as a pyramid scheme, I’ve seen a lot of mis-reporting and distortion of the facts. I suspect much of this arises from most people not having the time to read through the FTC’s 42 page long complaint against Herbalife. Either that or the complaint was [Continue reading…]

Will Herbalife survive the next few years?

In the wake of the FTC’s $200 million dollar fine issued to Herbalife, the biggest question is whether the company will be viable with a new retail-orientated business model. With Herbalife’s previous compensation plan primarily paying affiliates to recruit new affiliates, perhaps the best indicator is a look at how that was going for the [Continue reading…]

Herbalife fined $200 million by FTC, will also restructure business

Rumors of an FTC investigation into Herbalife began back in 2013 and here at BehindMLM we’ve been covering the story diligently ever since. Today a conclusion to the saga is in sight, with news that the FTC has fined Herbalife $200 million dollars for being a pyramid scheme.

Herbalife FTC settlement announcement by end of the week?

An end to the Herbalife investigation to the FTC might finally be in sight, following a report that a settlement might be announced tomorrow. Citing an unnamed source “close to the matter”, the New York Post are reporting an announcement of a deal could come as soon as Wednesday, although the agreement is not final [Continue reading…]

Herbalife think FTC will fine them $200 million

Personally I’m bit over following the FTC Herbalife saga… at least until we get something concrete. BehindMLM first covered a “pending law enforcement action” back in 2013, and it’s been nothing but speculation ever since. In what may be more speculation, Herbalife are now claiming they expect the FTC to hit them with a $200 [Continue reading…]

Herbalife screw up 2015 Income Disclosure Statement

Percentages. It’s math that for most of was introduced in late elementary school. Percentages of this, percentages of that… useful for practicing division and multiplication, ¬†and invariably leading onto fractions. So how is it that Herbalife just keeping getting basic math wrong?

Herbalife in talks with FTC, outcome “uncertain”

Despite a report in The Wall Street Journal claiming ‘government investigations cleared the company of allegations of having a fraudulent business model‘ earlier this month, Herbalife has revealed otherwise in its latest public filing.