got-paid-ads-logoIn mid February 2012 Dwayne Starchuk went into prelaunch with Xxxtreme Exposure, a Ponzi scheme. To date, Xxxtreme Exposure has attracted 130 members and paid out $1741 in investment returns.

About a week later I learnt Starchuk was also launching another company, Crazy4Ads. Crazy4Ads, which is also a Ponzi scheme, was less succesful than Xxxtreme Exposure attracting just 59 members and paying out $729 in returns.

Prior to both these schemes it seems Starchuk tried his hand at a single line investment scheme with Got Paid Ads. Read on for a full review of the Got Paid Ads MLM opportunity.

The Company

There is no information on the God Paid Ads website indicating who owns or runs the website.

The domain was registered on the 25th September 2011 but the registration information is set to private.

A quick look at the source-code of the God Paid Ads website however reveals that, just like Xxxtreme Exposure and Crazy 4 Ads, the Got Paid Ads site is pulling data from the domain.

script type=”text/javascript” src=””

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The ‘’ domain is owned by Dwayne Starchuk and pretty much confirms that Starchuk owns Got Paid Ads.

Starchuk launched Got Paid Ads in early September 2011.

The Got Paid Ads Product Line

Got Paid Ads has no retail product or service available. Instead, each time a member invests $10 with the company, they are given advertising credits to use on an inhouse advertising network used on the Got Paid Ads website.

These advertising credits are not available for purchase separately.

The Got Paid Ads Compensation Plan

The basic idea behind the Got Paid Ads compensation plan is that you join the company and then start investing in $10 amounts. Each $10 you invest into Got Paid Ads entitles you to one share of the profit pool.

This profit pool is made up of the investments made by all new and existing members who make investments into the company after you’ve made your first investment (and thus qualified to receive returns on your original investments).

There doesn’t appear to be any limit to the amount of shares a Got Paid Ads can purchase, nor does there appear to be a maturity period for the investments made. The more $10 lots a member invests, the larger their share of the money invested by members after.

According to Starchuk, this profit-share is split 60/40 with members. Got Paid Ads keeps 60% of every 10% investment and splits the rest amongst members (note that some of the 60% they company keeps goes towards paying out referral commissions).

Got Paid Ads also offer referral commissions, 10% on direct referrals and 2% on levels 2 and 3 (members your direct recruits have recruited themselves).

Referral commissions are calculated on the money your referrals (up to 3 levels) invest with the company.

Joining Got Paid Ads

Membership to Got Paid Ads is free however a minimum investment of $10 must be made with the company if a member wishes to earn anything.

Free members can earn via the recruitment of others and getting them to invest, however they themselves then need to invest (a minimum of $10) if they wish to cash out.


Although not a fixed ROI offered as seen in Crazy4Ads and Xxxtreme Exposure, Got Paid Ads nonetheless still relies on the investments of new and existing members to keep it going.

If everyone stopped investing there would be no returns paid out.

In this sense the advertising “product” is inconsequential to how members are actually earning their commissions. This is evidenced in the Got Paid Ads refund policy:

Q: What Is Your Refund Policy?

A: Please understand that you are purchasing our product (you get 10000 banner Creditsand (sic) 10000 featured Ad credits and this is made available to you instantly by our system.

AS such, we do not offer any refund.

If members were indeed purchasing advertising credits, if they didn’t use them they’d be entitled to a refund. Because members are investing their money however (and not purchasing anything), Got Paid Ads can’t offer refunds because the money invested is being used to pay out returns on existing investments made by the company’s members.

Or in other words, Got Paid Ads is a straight up Ponzi scheme.