golden-today-logoThere is no information on the Golden Today website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Golden Today website domain (“”) was registered on the 23rd of December 2013, however the domain registration is set to private.

The company has two YouTube videos embedded on their website, with both being uploaded to an account named “Michael Smith”.

Michael Smith sounds a bit generically suspicious, so I kept on digging for information. Not long thereafter I found reference to two “localized domains” being launched on Golden Today’s Facebook page:


golden-today-spanish-website-domain-registrationThat second domain, “” lists a “Kevin Ka” as the domain owner (right).

Who Kevin Ka is, whether that’s a complete name and/or his involvement in any previous MLM business opportunities is unclear. If I have to choose between “Michael Smith” and “Kevin Ka” owning Golden Today though, I’m going to go with Ka.

For starters all three Golden Today websites (English, Spanish and Japanese) are hosted out of Hong Kong. Then there’s the Golden Today “403 forbidden” error page, which is in Korean:


All of that aside, I wasn’t able to find any further information on Ka, so I’m still going to flag the name as suspect. Why Golden Today do not provide any information on their website to clear up ownership of the company is a mystery.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Golden Today Product Line

The Golden Today website mentions GT Coin, “messenger” (GT Live Chat), Internet Broadcasting (GT TV) and a “trading platform”.

The only one of those that seems to have any relevance is GT Coin, which appears to be a virtual currency affiliate convert real money into for use on the site.

There’s no mention of any retail offering or how any of the above services are integrated into the opportunity, so Golden Today would appear to be entirely affiliate-funded.

The Golden Today Compensation Plan

The Golden Today compensation plan revolves around affiliates purchasing positions in various matrix systems.

Golden Today primarily use a series of 2×2 matrices to pay affiliates for purchasing $25 positions in the matrix system.

A 2×2 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix with two positions directly under them (level 1):


These two positions branch out into another 2 positions (level 2) for a total of six positions needing to be filled.

Once a matrix is filled (via the purchasing of positions by affiliates), a “cycle” commission is paid and the affiliate is given a new position in the next matrix.

  • Matrix 1 – $25
  • Matrix 2 – $100
  • Matrix 3 – $200
  • Matrix 4 – $400
  • Matrix 5 – $1000
  • Matrix 6 – $2000
  • Matrix 7 – $4000

There are other matrix systems mentioned in the Golden Today compensation plan material, but the explanation of how they work within the compensation plan makes no sense.

As best as I can tell, there’s some connection between cycles in the 2×2 matrix above generating positions in a company-wide 2×10 and additional “25 Global Board” (a 2×5 matrix).

As I mentioned though, how these matrices work (entry fees and commission payouts) is not adequately or clearly explained in the Golden Today compensation plan material.

Joining Golden Today

With a matrix position required to generate commissions, basic affiliate membership to Golden Today is $25 (the cost of one 2×2 matrix position).

An additional $20 a month admin fee kicks in once an affiliate has completed a full cycle of the primary 2×2 matrix boards.


To be honest I’m not really sure what the point of Golden Today is. Despite launching a few months ago the compensation plan material makes little sense and the company’s website is clearly not finished. Links clicked go nowhere and the terms and conditions and privacy policy are absent.

Not withstanding what a messenger app, internet broadcasting, trading platform and GT Coin virtual currency have to do with the business opportunity.

As far as I can tell, affiliates simply sign up to Golden Today, purchase $25 positions in a matrix system and off they go.

With 100% of revenues generated off of matrix positions and affiliates paid out on condition of their fellow affiliates purchasing matrix positions, Golden Today thus effectively operates as a pyramid scheme.

Once the recruitment slows down or stops, all of the company’s matrix stall and that means nobody gets paid.

Points for trying to look professional with a half-decent website design but uh… you’ve got to actually back that up with some professionalism if you want anyone to take you seriously.

Throw in the ambiguity of just who is running Golden Today and you wind up with an opportunity that even the serial scamster crowd probably aren’t going to bother with.