A reader got in contact earlier today to share an odd email from the DOJ, regarding Infinity2Global founder Richard Maike.

As per the email, sent out as part of the DOJ’s Victim Notification System on September 8th;

Defendant(s), Richard G. Maike, has been released from federal custody.

The appeal in the case of defendant(s), Richard G. Maike, was decided on May 10, 2023. The appeal was affirmed.

Um… what?

BehindMLM reported on Maike’s appeal being dismissed on May 10th. My immediate thought was that I’d misunderstood the filing or simple got it wrong.

I started off with the dismissal filing itself;

Nope, Maike’s appeal was very much dismissed as per a joint-motion filed by Maike and the DOJ.

I next checked the case docket for an update. Maike (right) has appealed his restitution order but there’s nothing pertaining to the May 10th appeal dismissal.

Was there another appeal I didn’t know about? Again nothing on the docket reflected that.

My next port of call was the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ “find an inmate” form, through which I was able to confirm Richard G. Maike is still in custody.

As of September 9th, Maike is being held in USP Marion with a January 24th, 2031 release date.

So why has the DOJ told Infinity2Global victims he’s been released?

Honestly, I don’t know. It’s very strange.

Looking at the Infinity2Global case docket, Maike’s attorneys filed a Motion to Withdraw on August 4th.

From the filing;

Mr. Maike currently owes (the) law firm several hundred thousand dollars in unpaid legal fees and expenses incurred in connection with trial preparation, trial, and sentencing.

Mr. Maike is aware that this Motion will be filed and does not object to it.

The court granted the motion on August 28th.

On September 5th, Maike filed an application requesting permission to continue his case “without prepaying legal fees or costs”.

In the application, Maike affirmed he is “unable to pay the costs of these proceedings”. Maike also confirmed he was being held at USP Marion.

Unless Maike was released in the last four days and the BOP website hasn’t updated, this again suggests the DOJ was wrong in their email.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.


Update 9th May 2024 – As per an update from the DOJ dated May 8th, Maike has had his release date bumped up to September 16th, 2030.

No reason for the change of date is provided, however the DOJ does clarify Maike is not eligible for parole.