Global Aid Club was a short-lived MLM smart-contract Ponzi.

Global Aid Club’s smart-contract was launched on October 5th, climbed to $222,492 and was then unceremoniously cleaned out on October 8th.

BehindMLM can now reveal Global Aid Club’s primary admin.

In reviewing Global Aid Club, BehindMLM noted the scheme was put together by SpicyDevs. This led us to UK-based graphic designer Andy Colquhoun.

BehindMLM has since learned that SpicyDevs is an Indian dev outfit, selling fraudulent investment schemes they put together for clients.

This leads us to the US-based admin behind Global Aid Club.

Multiple Global Aid Club marketing videos on its YouTube channel are hosted by Michael OBrien.

On some Global Aid Club webinars OBrien is introduced by Virginia resident and partner-in-crime, Ralph Bolling.

According to his FaceBook profile, Michael OBrien is a resident of Connecticut.

OBrien is also also a bagholder of Tim Bentley’s collapsed Zeus’ Bounty Ponzi scheme.

I thought Bentley might be involved in Global Aid Club, but he’s busy scamming people with “bio field accelerators”.

Circa 2018 OBrien was promoting the failed social network MLM WebTalk. He was sucked into the crypto Ponzi rabbithole over the next few years.

This culminated in Global Aid Club, OBrien’s own short-lived MLM crypto Ponzi.

Being a US resident OBrien and Global Aid Club, a passive returns investment opportunity (i.e. securities offering), are subject to regulation by the SEC.

Given $222,492 has been demonstrably stolen from investors, wire fraud and securities fraud criminal charges might also be on the table.

In what appears to be an effort to dissuade victims from filing complaints, Global Aid Club is dangling a reboot carrot.

Pending any further updates, we’ll keep you posted.