Whoever still has control of the collapsed Freeway Ponzi scheme is looking to reboot as ThriveFi.

Towards the end of August Freeway’s website was updated with a notice advising a “new Freeway website (is) coming soon”:

In a corresponding Medium post, Freeway trots out baloney about a “Cayman Islands petition” and “expert and risk analyst”.

Below that waffle is the real update;

Introducing ThriveFi: New Freeway

As part of the proposed restructuring plan Freeway would seek to continue to operate the Freeway brand and platform through a new entity, ThriveFi, a proposed Cayman Islands exempt company.

Freeway Operations Inc is proposed to be placed through a similar restructuring process in the Seychelles.

A new Ponzi, run through new shell companies in the same hidey-hole jurisdictions.

ThriveFi is proposed to take over the ownership and operations related to the Freeway brand and through its work will execute the recovery of the Freeway brand, aka “new Freeway.”

FWT token bagholders were advised their monopoly money staking rewards would be disabled as of August 26th.

Presumably ThriveFi will also have a new Ponzi token, which FWT will be converted into. Can’t confirm though until we’ve seen ThriveFi’s business model.

Freeway began as Aubit in 2017. It was rebooted into the MLM crypto Ponzi scheme BehindMLM reviewed in late 2021.

Heading up Aubit as an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme were Mark Kearns, Saidi Hutton and Graham Doggart.

In early 2022 Aubit rebranded as Freeway, before going on to collapse again a few months later in October.

As part of Freeway’s collapse, Kearns, Hutton and Doggart cashed out and went into hiding.