The collapsed Fintoch Ponzi scheme is looking to reboot as Standard Cross Finance.

Fintoch announced its reboot on August 13th, through a video featuring Joel Fry.

Fry, a US national who’s lived in south-east Asia for some time, plays Fintoch executive “William Thompson”.

Fintoch’s Standard Cross Finance reboot ruse is development of “a leading edge financial chain”. In other words, “Hay guys, we invented a blockchain. Can haz more money?”

As barfed out by Fry;

We are undergoing a merger, a rebranding, a comprehensive upgrading to our brand.

The blockchain will be officially named Standard Cross Finance, abbreviated as SCF.

A Standard Cross Finance website has been set up over at “”, privately registered on August 14th, 2023.

SCF’s website is a clone of Fintoch’s website, relocated to “” after its collapse in June.

An August 15th SCF press-release reveals Fintoch’s reboot will be run through two new Ponzi shitcoins; FinSBT and FUSD. There’s also a bunch of crypto platform nonsense nobody is likely to care about.

Joel Fry is believed to be working with Russian scammers, possibly with Chinese ties to Malaysia and Singapore.

With Fintoch investor losses unaccounted for and those behind the Ponzi scheme still at large, I’m not really sure why they’re bothering with a reboot.

It’s unlikely any significant new investment will be made. And those that do sign up for SCF will only be there to withdraw their losses.

The likely angle is theater to keep the carrot-dangle approach going. Gullible investors being led to believe “there’s still a chance” means less complaints filed with regulators.


Update 3rd October 2023 – Standard Cross Finance has collapsed.