Ali Saleh has screwed over the attorney representing him in his Eaconomy case.

On February 5th Saleh’s attorney filed a motion requesting permission to withdraw. The court granted the motion on February 21st.

As stated by Saleh’s former attorney in his motion;

Plaintiff has failed to pay for legal services … as agreed when the representations began.

The Plaintiff’s failure to pay for legal services constitutes a failure by him to substantially fulfill an obligation regarding the services provided.

Over the past several months, the client was advised that payment needed to be made to avoid an interruption in services.

In addition to not paying his bills, Saleh has also ghosted his attorney.

Plaintiff has, for reasons unknown, ceased to communicate with the undersigned. Plaintiff may be ill or unable to respond.

A social media post Saleh made earlier today suggests he’s in New Jersey.

Saleh interacts with his followers in in the comments on his post, suggesting he’s neither “ill or unable to respond” to his former attorney.

Following permission for Saleh’s attorney to withdraw, the court sent Saleh notice via his registered New Jersey address.

The correspondence was returned to the court and filed as “undeliverable” on March 1st.

Saleh filed suit against Eaconomy and owner Hassan Mahmoud (right) last September.

In his Complaint Saleh alleged he was owed $150,000 in unpaid commissions.

Having lost representation and seemingly also ghosting the court he filed suit in, the future of Saleh’s lawsuit is uncertain.

Saleh is currently promoting Aiscend, an MLM company promoting “hands-free trading”.

A preliminary glance at Aiscend suggests securities and commodities fraud. A full BehindMLM review of Aiscend is pending.