Dubli’s parent company Ominto has come under fire from the SEC, after the company failed to file annual reports since September 2016.

Ominto failed to provide a reason for non-filing, but did offer the SEC a settlement upon learning of their investigation.

As per the terms of the settlement, as of May 1st Ominto securities registration is revoked.

Prior to Omino ceasing to file annual reports, we covered them regularly. Our last article was in December 2016, noting Ominto lost $10.3 million over the last financial year.

In May 2018 Ominto delisted itself from Nasdaq entirely. This coincided with a mass resignation of current board members.

At present Dubli appears to be in slow decline since around mid October 2018.

Alexa pegs 70% of Dubli’s website traffic originating out of Japan, with not much else going on outside of Egypt (7%) and the US (5%).