A distributor has mashed PureTrim products, Easter and COVID-19 into a shameless marketing pitch.

Oh goodie.

A reader wrote in forwarded an email sent out by PureTrim distributor Anthony Peart (right).

In the email Peart states:

COVID-19 has tried it’s best to Crucify my Health & Source of Income.

Then God gave me the Gift of Health.

Not only did I get my Health back, my Wealth rose from the dead also!

Let; PureTrimImmune.com Crucify COVID-19 for you too.

Peart’s email was sent on Easter Tuesday. Our reader claims Peart and “others in the company” have sent the same email pitch to “thousands of people daily”.

I wasn’t able to verify that claim.

Ironically, the landing page Peart requests people visits has a video. When you click play, the first thing shown is an FDA disclaimer:

On the second landing page in the email, I couldn’t help but notice PureTrim making the claim they’re “NOT a Multi-Level or Network Marketing company.”

BehindMLM hasn’t reviewed PureTrim so out of curiosity I went looking for their comp plan.

Turns out PureTrim very much has a multi-level compensation plan, very much making them an MLM company. So uh, rightio.

Whether PureTrim is aware its distributors are sending out medical claims pertaining to COVID-19 and its products are unclear. Ditto whether they’ll take any action against Peart.

The FTC has requested consumers report instances of ‘scammers using the pandemic to deceive or defraud consumers.’

This includes MLM companies and/or distributors falsely claiming products can diagnose, treat, cure or prevent COVID-19.