The first of the Digital Altitude defendants has buckled, following a joint filing requesting a stay in proceedings as to Morgan Johnson.

The FTC’s complaint against Digital Altitude identifies Johnson as “an officer/manager of Digital Altitude, RISE Systems & Enterprise”.

According to the application filing, Johnson and the FTC reached a settlement agreement on April 23rd.

The settlement has been signed off on by Johnson but will need approval by the FTC Commissioners.

Counsel are informed and believe that it will likely take between eight and twelve weeks to secure this approval.

Once approved, it is assumed details of the settlement will be made public.

In the meantime, on May 3rd the requested stay as to Johnson was granted.

In related news a joint application for a stay was also filed for The Upside LLC.

In their complaint, the FTC identify The Upside LLC as

a California company managed by Mary Dee and primarily used to open merchant accounts for credit card processing.

On May 3rd the application for a stay as to The Upside LLC was also granted.

The FTC has stated it is ‘engaged in productive and ongoing settlement discussions and written communications with‘ the remaining defendants, however at this time Mary Dee is still fighting the case.