Mind Capital Ponzi scammer David Lee Kagel has fainted on the way to his Mind Capital change of plea hearing.

As per a May 13th minute entry on Kagel’s criminal case docket;

[Kagel] passed out in the elevator on the way to this hearing.

Paramedics are attending defendant, and he will be transported.

Kagel was scheduled to plead guilty to criminal charges related to his involvement in the Mind Capital Ponzi scheme.

In light of Kagel passing out, the court rescheduled his change of plea hearing to May 28th.

Kagel, a lawyer who specialized in securities law, was disbarred for “misappropriating client funds” in March 2023.

Kagel was charged and pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud in June 2023.

Kagel assisted co-defendants David Gilbert Saffron and Vincent Anthony Maazzotta Jr. with defrauding consumers through Mind Capital.

What specific charges Kagel pleads guilty to and the resulting sentencing range remains pending.