Reaction to our Dapps Global expose has been swift, with investors suspected of leaking information kicked out of secret social media groups.

The company name “Dapps Global” has also been abandoned, and plans to launch an ICO postponed till October.

Since we published our initial Dapps Global article, Martin Congerton has emerged as CEO of the secret investment opportunity.

Congerton is part of the former Dragon Coin team, who are now looking to launch their own ICO.

In a May 6th conference call, Congerton responded to our Dapps Global article by claiming BehindMLM is a “trash blog”.

As I understand it Congerton failed to address any of the Dapps Global regulatory compliance issues we brought up.

Instead Congerton reassured his investors that cryptocurrency was “unregulated” and therefore “unstoppable”. Which you shouldn’t need me to point out is patently false.

With Congerton’s plans for Dapps Global out in the open, he declared the band had been “compromised”.

The scheme is now planned to launch with a new name sometime in October, 2018.

In order to protect the scam, Congerton ordered investors to “remove doubters” from their social circles.

New social media groups attached to the now unnamed scheme will be initiated, with only investors who have been interviewed granted access.

If I might offer a new name suggestion to Congerton and his team, how about Cult CoinParanoia Points works too.

For now promotion of Congerton’s ICO investment opportunity will continue in secret.

Trouble is eventually they’re going to bring new investors in, which means preying on an uninformed public.

We’ll do our best to keep track of Dapps Global developments. Stay tuned…