Two weeks after the Ponzi scheme collapsed, the UK has finally issued an ITP Corp securities fraud warning.

As per the FCA’s December 5th warning, ITP Corp

may be providing or promoting financial services or products without our permission. You should avoid dealing with this firm and beware of scams.

This firm is not authorised by us and may be targeting people in the UK.

The FCA cites “” as ITP Corp’s website. ITP Corp’s recovery scam launched through “”. The FCA’s cited .CLUB domain appears to be yet another layer to the ITP Corp Ponzi scheme.

Due to the website domain merry-go-round, it’s difficult to peg how many ITP Corp victims there are. What we do know though is the majority of them are from the UK.

Being a Chinese “click a button” app Ponzi, beyond the FCA’s warning it’s unlikely UK authorities will take further action against ITP Corp.

Despite withdrawals being disabled on or around November 20th, as of December 2nd ITP Corp is still running new investment promos.

Total ITP Corp victim losses remain unknown.