The scammers behind ITP Corp are trying to milk even more money out of investors, following the Ponzi scheme’s collapse last week.

In a November 29th update targeting the scam’s dumbest investors, ITP Corp continues to push a fictional “blockchain fluctuations” narrative.

The premise is “the blockchain” is having issues, something something ITP Corp can’t pay investors.

As a result, and yes I know this makes absolutely no sense, ITP Corp is rebooting on a new domain.

For reasons that then aren’t explained, this requires “registration and account activation of the new system”.

ITP Corp’s recovery scam is being launched on the domain “”, privately registered the same its recovery scam update went out (Nov 29th).

ITP Corp investors dumb enough to sign up on the new domain, quickly discovered a 100 USDT activation fee. In the past 24 hours, this has apparently been reduced to 30 USDT.

Either way, it’s a classic recovery scam. Scammers, having already stolen money, tout the possibility of account recovery. The catch is a fee must be paid.

Of course if the fee is paid, that just results in an even greater loss for the investor (+100 or +30 USDT, on top of what was lost in the original collapsed Ponzi).

ITP Corp investors are reminded that funds are lost the moment you invest into a Ponzi scheme. There is no “risk” involved.

Math guarantees that when a Ponzi scheme inevitably collapse, the majority of participants lose money.