Late last week Cellements announced it would be temporarily closing.

In a message posted on their website, the Cellements advised it was

forced to temporarily shut down all business related activities due to our new software provider, Naxum, not being able to live up to their promise and deliver a functional platform.

Naxum claims “there are indeed two sides to every story.”

Following a recommendation, Cellements entered into a contract with Naxum in mid 2019.

Since then Cellements alleges they’ve been provided with “non-functional software”, which Nexum is demanding “full monthly payments” for.

 Promises were made. We paid in full. And we were lied to.

-Transactions didn’t work.

-Autoships didn’t work.

-Password recovery didn’t work, so partners couldn’t get access.

-Shop couldn’t handle currencies.

-Shop couldn’t track users accurately.

-Receipts didn’t show the correct currency.

-There was no cohesive branding.

-Software email messages contain other brand names.

The list never ended.

Worst of all, when something was “fixed”, the fix in the majority of cases only created new issues, because it still did not function or display as expected.

Cellements states they’ve reported “over 60 issues”, with an additional “20 or so minor issues” left unreported.

Directly blaming Naxum CEO Ben Dixon (right), Cellements claims to have given Naxum “five separate opportunities to bail out from the deal early.”

He declined every single time. Meaning that this was a deliberate con.

Based on their experience, Cellements concludes;

– Ben Dixon, CEO Naxum has knowingly deceived Cellements and our partners.

– The team at Naxum is dysfunctional, unable to comprehend directives and deliver what is promised.

– The processes at Naxum do not follow any sensible project management principals.

– The programming procedures do not follow any recognized standards guaranteeing quality. Everything is coded page by page basis.

– The core values posted at Naxums site are complete fabrication to lure future customers into a false sense of security, supplemented by Ben Dixons constant bombardment of superlatives.

As a result, Cellements is temporarily closed until they can find an alternative software provider.

Naxum markets itself as a software vendor providing commission tracking, marketing systems, and mobile applications solutions.

In a response published on Naxum’s website, Ben Dixon dismissed Cellements’ claims as defamation.

Anders Karlsson has posted a series of allegations online and defamation claims towards the NaXum team and myself personally as CEO, so we’ve decided to publicly share the communication from Anders to our staff for the public’s review.

According to a provided timeline, Cellements agreed to pay $83,350 in setup costs and then $180,000 annually for Naxum’s Unify platform.

The contract was signed on May 10th, 2019. Naxum claims that payment ceased from August.

On September 4th, 2019, Naxum informed “Cellements that their platform will be put on hold until payment is made.”

On September 6th, Cellements founder and CEO Anders Karlsson (right) informed Naxum “he (was) closing up the company and that the project will not continue”.

Naxum ceased working on Cellements’ project.

On October 5th Karlsson wrote back to Naxum, offering to pay 10K monthly.

Naxum claims a new monthly payment structure was negotiated and executed on October 23rd. Naxum resumed work on Cellements’ project.

On November 11th Karlsson informed Naxum he couldn’t pay. Once again Naxum suspended work on Cellements’ project.

On November 20th Karlsson asked Naxum

if our team will void late fees on his agreed payments and redo the finance structure again.

Naxum agreed and received a partial payment. The company claims that from December 2019 to February 2020, it

follow(ed) up over 15 times to connect on re-activating the project and getting payments back on track.

Karlsson reached out Naxum on March 2nd, requesting new payment terms.

Naxum agreed, a first payment was made on March 11th and work resumed on Cellements’ software project.

After a testing period, on August 3rd Karlsson signed

the launch release document confirming that all modules and requirements from the contract are complete to his expectations.

The platform went live on August 6th.

On August 16th, Naxum invoiced Cellements for $1332.50 as previously agreed.

Karlsson responded to the invoice via WhatsApp;

Throughout the rest of August the relationship between Cellements and Naxum continued to decline.

On August 24th, Karlsson threatened to “destroy Naxum”.

On August 26th Cellements announced it was temporarily closing down, and posted the previously referenced notice on their webpage.

Naxum claims that in spite of everything, Cellements software solution is still available and online.

Ben Dixon claims any delays in software development were a result of Cellements being unable to pay invoices, as per agreed upon payment terms.

Dixon claims Cellements and Karlsson owe Naxum “$180,000 in ongoing fees”.

The crass communication, reliance on intimidation with threats, and chaotic energy all point to a deeper more challenging trouble in the Cellements home.

The communication shows a deep insecurity that revolves around Cellements staff wanting to appear to the public as a well funded direct sales company, where in truth they are attempting to escape their commitments to the vendors that delivered the work for their platforms to exist.

Pending any updates, stay tuned…